About Us

About us 

The Enchanted Pumpkin is a small esoteric business focused on providing high quality and sustainably sourced esoteric magical products for everyone.

My name is Abi, and I am a dedicated practicing elemental witch with many years of experience in my craft. In addition to this I am a Reiki Master, experienced oracle card reader, qualified herbalist and crystal healer. I am passionate about providing quality hand made products and individually tailored services to my ever-growing customer base. In addition to this I provide an Enchanted Pumpkin monthly Newsletter to catch you up on the exciting new products available AND I am also starting a blog which will focus on handy witchy tips and tricks.

Enchanted pumpkin is more than a shop; it is a community! Come and join the Enchanted Pumpkin family, sign up for the newsletter here

About Abi

Hail and Welcome!

If you are here you are wanting to find out more about the person and workings behind Enchanted Pumpkin, wonderful I love this part I will try and keep it short

So I am Abi and I am an Elemental Energy Kitchen witch, an empath, I work both spiritually and intuitively I am also a proud wife and mum of 2 children with Autism and ADHD amongst other things, I know what you are thinking what does this have to do with your work … well nothing to be honest but I’m just so proud of all they have achieved and I shout about it every chance I get they have additional superpowers in my mind, often you find children /adults who are Nero diverse pick up on energies easier but and what I have found with my children spiritually has really opened my eyes but that is another story. Anyway back to the reason you are here, I have many strings to my bow mainly in pursuit to the questions I have asked in my life and spirit and universe pushing me, years ago I didn’t understand how Magick, Reiki, spiritual energy, Crystals worked and in order for me to understand why, and how I had to learn the workings of it to “Get it “ which lead to tarot/ oracle cards, herbal remedies, mediumship and I’m still learning now and I will carry on for years to come, there is so much and seems the more you learn the more you have to learn and this is such a fun journey to be having. I started in my teens I’m now in my 30s.

The energies I work with are Reiki and energies from the elements Air, fire, water, earth and spirit, for me they come from the same place and has a different “vibe” to each element and Reiki Energy, I am a channeller I merely channel the energies the universe has and use them to pass on who needs/ wants it. I am a witch for lack of a better word and I love it! for me again it’s all about the Elements, nature, the moon, sun and all the wonderfulness this universe has to offer, gods and goddesses don’t do it for me, it doesn’t sit with me that’s not to say it shouldn’t sit with you, if this is your thing Fab that is your path and it is right for you. And I would love to hear from you. This is the same with all variations of paths, my aim is to share all I have learnt and to help as many as I can. If you resonate with this join my Facebook group community group like my page, sign up to newsletter, blog the lot!!! let’s have conversation, now you have small insight and I hope you liked what you have read and I thank you for taking the time to read and getting a snippet of what goes one in enchanted pumpkin and my mind , if you want to know more you know what to do

Many blessings to you

Love Abi